Products include smart neck massagers, charging power and power cords, remote controls, separate electrode wires, electrode pads, and hydrogels. The remote controller comes with a spare 3V battery.

The workmanship of the entire product is not as ugly as the electric acupuncture equipment of some professional institutions, but it is very fashionable in design, like a neck-mounted portable speaker. The total weight of the Pango Intelligent Cervical Massager including the remote control is about 185g, which is the weight of normal headphones, which is relatively light.

The outside of the product is matte red, PC material but has a metallic texture. The inside is dark gray and the back neck is covered by soft silicone. The left end is a switching power supply, and the right end is a magnetic design that can attract the remote control, which can prevent the remote control from being accidentally lost when used in noisy places such as the office.

The core of this product is the two floating electrode patches on the two stainless steel metal surfaces below. These two positions are covered on the two acupoints of the cervical spine.

The intelligent cervical spine massager has a charging interface with a dust cover and an external electrode interface at the forefront.

Connecting external electrodes can actually perform point acupuncture on the four points of the neck and back at the same time. You can also use electrode pads if you don’t understand meridian science. It can be placed on the shoulders, arms, back, and legs. The first impression the whole product gave me was that the design was very beautiful and easy to use, and the functions were relatively powerful.

Actual use feelings
The collar of the smart cervical massage device is very comfortable with a certain elasticity and a certain feeling of wrapping. It will not feel loose when worn around the neck, but it is not the kind of throat that tightens the neck and affects breathing.

The elasticity of the entire collar is very good, and the workmanship and feel are comparable to the head beam of high-end headphones.

The electrode fit on the neck is also very high and the contact is good. Because the electrode pad can be flexibly floated up, down, left and right, it can be adaptively adjusted to fit the neck skin to ensure a tight fit.

From the control point of view, there is only a power switch on the fuselage, mode selection and intensity adjustment. The running time are all realized through the remote control. The remote control is very sensitive, similar to the key layout of the previous Apple iPod player. The remote control has an LCD display, and you can clearly see the mode and intensity range, which is more convenient and humane to operate.

The up key is responsible for cycle selection between 1 to 6 modes. The left and right plus and minus keys are mainly used to adjust the mode strength. There are 16 levels in total, and the default is 0 level. The lower key is the heating key, which can be selected between 0 and 3; the middle is the on-off key, which is responsible for startup and timing functions. The timing can be selected from 0 to 30 minutes.

The remote control adopts magnetic suction design, which is more convenient in practical use. After finishing the mode selection, you can suck it on the cervical spine massager by gently approaching the chin, which can effectively avoid the loss caused by being littered everywhere.

The remote control itself has a built-in backup battery. The battery model is a 2032 button battery, which is easy to replace. The rear cover can be opened with a simple click and no special tools are needed. It is also friendly to ladies who are not good at hands-on. Of course, as a massager product, I am more concerned about whether the massage effect is good. From the actual experience, each mode will have a significantly different experience. Pango Intelligent Cervical Massager Massage mode 1, mode 2 is a combined massage mode.

Mode 1: automatic combination mode, cycle scraping, pressing, rolling mode, automatically switching every 1 minute, will gradually deep massage the cervical spine; use this mode when you are particularly tired, adjust the intensity to 10 levels, time control At 15 minutes, the fatigue relief effect was particularly pronounced.

Mode 2: Automatic combination mode, cycle pressing, scraping, thrashing mode, automatically switching every 1 minute. There is no crispy feeling in mode 1, but the stimulation of electroacupuncture is a bit stronger, and the overall refreshing effect is better.

Modes 3 to 6 are manual modes, respectively scraping, pressing, rolling, and beating modes.

The scraping mode is relatively less irritating. The relatively gentle electrical stimulation gives a continuous numbness to the neck. The interval between massage cycles is relatively long. It feels soft and comfortable, which will bring a touch of sleepiness.

The compression mode is more like the feeling of lifting a needle in acupuncture, and it will feel crispy, but the muscles of the entire neck are moving. Although there are no driving devices such as mechanical motors, and no physical vibration massage is performed, electrical stimulation can still bring a deeper level of muscle relaxation than hand massage.  Rolling mode has a low stimulation frequency, but it is very deep. When the intensity is adjusted to 6th, the muscles can relax the neck to relax. The tapping mode is a single-point stimulus with a lower frequency than the pressing mode. Like someone knocks himself on the back, the frequency is not constant, but it will gradually increase.

Another feature of the intelligent cervical spine massager is that it also has a hot moxibustion function. There are 3 levels to choose from. In terms of somatosensory temperature, the highest level of the third level is 48 degrees. The entire neck can feel full of energy. The department has a hot feeling. The temperature of the second gear is almost 45 degrees. I prefer this gear. Relatively speaking, the skin irritation is relatively small, and there is also an obvious thermal treatment experience. The first gear temperature is close to 35 degrees. This temperature is slightly higher than the human body surface temperature and belongs to a more suitable gear for most people. Of course, it can also be closed. After closing, it will be ambient temperature massage. I personally prefer to choose the rolling mode and adjust the intensity to 6th, and the thermal moxibustion to 2nd. This kind of massage intensity is very suitable for bedtime use. In terms of battery life, it takes 15 minutes a day after full charge, twice a day, and does not need to be charged for a week, which is very powerful. And charging comes with 5V1A power supply, basically more than 2 hours can be fully charged.

In short, the smart Cervical Massager really brought me a lot of surprises in actual use! The appearance is stylish and beautiful, the function is powerful, the multiple gears can be adjusted, and the operation is very simple. For office workers, buying one in the office and massaging for 15 minutes during lunch break is definitely an ultimate relaxation enjoyment!