Electric neck massager

Smart Neck Massager Evaluation and Review

Working and playing with computer or phone long time every day, it is inevitable that cervical spine problems will occur. It is worth buying a neck massager for relaxation.

Appearance: The packaging is quite simple

A small box, the back side is the manual

There is also a small massage device and charging cable.

The design of the entire product is still relatively small, beautiful and flattering

Actual use feeling:
This brand also has a version with a remote control, but the price is a lot more expensive. This is the version without remote control, so the operation buttons are concentrated on the right side, and the left-hander seems not so convenient.

The machine is voice-enabled and can be turned off if you don’t like it. The upper and lower keys can be used to add or subtract gears, and the effect can be felt with smaller gears. Different gears have different strengths, and the intensity of the current stimulation is also different, which can be adjusted according to the tolerance. The other is the heating switch, which can control whether a heating function is required.

The operation of the massager is relatively simple, and it is also more convenient to use USB charging. There are still many products on the market that use electric pulses to achieve massage effects. This appearance is more pleasing, and there are more gear designs. Adjust the intensity and select the massage mode. The machine will stop automatically after 15 minutes. The fit of the machine and the neck is also more suitable. Unfortunately, the keys are on the side and out of sight. It is easier to press the wrong button when you first use it.

In general, the massager can slightly reduce the pressure on the cervical spine, but more I think it is necessary to pay attention to the usual work and study and entertainment postures.