In Europe, the hottest summer in history, Chinese electric fans sold out!

On July 25th local time, the temperatures on the day in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium reached 40.7 ℃, 42.6 ℃ and 40.6 ℃, respectively, setting new historical highs.
In Europe, the hottest summer in history, Chinese electric fans sold out!

The British “The Sun” reported the local hot weather like this: “Europe will have another extreme heat wave next week: The weather forecast warns that temperatures may rise above 40 degrees Celsius again. France, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria , Norway, and the Netherlands … are in danger of being swallowed up by this second wave of heat. “这些 Although these temperatures are not particularly high compared to other parts of the world that have experienced high temperatures all year round, but for Europeans who are used to the cool summer, Said that this is simply a “fire mountain” world of purgatory, difficult to cope with.

However, less than 5% of households have air-conditioning installed. For many domestic partners, although we are also hot here, at least we can still … rely on air-conditioning to “renew life”.的 In the summer without air conditioning, I dare not think about it. The US media CNN gave us a “terrible” number for science popularization-in Europe, less than 5% of households have air conditioning.

According to the report, according to the International Energy Agency, less than 5% of European homes have air-conditioning installed. In such hot weather, there is no air conditioner in the house, that’s really …

Why don’t you install air conditioners so hot? For the European people why not install air conditioners at home, there are many explanations given online. “Europe is humid at latitudes and high temperatures”, “No air-conditioning is needed to protect the environment” … There are a lot of sayings. But the most mainstream voice is: In Europe, air conditioning is really too expensive! Some foreign media even said: “In most parts of Europe, air conditioning is often regarded as a luxury, or even an indulgence.”

How much does an air conditioner cost in Europe? We checked the price of air conditioners in the UK and found that the oldest traditional “window air conditioner” (in-line) sold at 500 pounds, which is 4,260 RMB.

In Europe, more than 4,000 yuan should be nothing? This amount of money is naturally not a huge sum for European families with normal income. But the cost of air conditioning is not in the machine itself, but in the installation cost. For example, in Paris, the cost of installing air conditioners is prohibitively high. Take a look at the Daily Herald report: (of the air conditioning installation company) DeForin said that for a set of 1070 square feet (100 square meters) For family apartments, the cost of installing air conditioners may be between $ 13,300 and $ 17,700 (RMB 91,672-122,000).

He said that even so, he had to install an air conditioner almost every day for the past five to six months. On Wednesday, the first day of the heat wave, he received more than 40 consultation calls. Outfitting an air conditioner of 100,000 yuan … Is it still too late to sign up for air conditioning and work in Paris? Of course, the above is just an extreme example. In the UK, the cost of installing an air conditioner is about 1,000 pounds, which is RMB 8523: The installation cost of each air conditioner is about 1,000 pounds. Therefore, the installation cost of a single air conditioner for a single room is 1,000 pounds, and a multi-line air conditioner for 6 people is 6,000 pounds because of the complexity (higher) of the latter installation. That is to say, if a family of three wants to install an air conditioner in each of the two bedrooms, it will cost at least 2,000 pounds (17,047 RMB). No matter how expensive it is to install an air conditioner, you can endure the last month, and you will be “quiet and naturally cool”. But air conditioning is just the tip of the iceberg. Labor costs in many European countries are also prohibitively expensive.

Since the air conditioner can’t be used or settled, the European people can’t sit still this time and have begun to look for cooling artifacts. First and foremost, China’s cheap fans. Fans and mobile air-conditioning units in supermarkets across Europe have been snapped up.