With the rapid development of technologies such as mobile Internet and instant messaging, the audiovisual media that people come into contact with have been diversified, more and more screens have penetrated into people’s daily work and life, and the era of multi-screen transmission has quietly arrived. 800 million mobile phone bow heads, eye fatigue as high as 700 million people, and is increasing year by year. Among them, mild fatigue and severe fatigue accounted for 44% and 33% of the population. The sales market is as high as 100 billion yuan.

We help you choose a cost-effective, easy-to-use and friendly eye protector! No matter the principle of the product, the efficacy or the user experience are far ahead of the eye protection black technology products.

The specific product parameters are as follows:

Power supply mode: battery

Applicable symptoms: vision correction

Applicable scene: home

Commodity gross weight: 2.0kg

Category: Eye Therapy Apparatus

Evaluation results:

This product uses a swimming goggle-type fully-wrapped design, which is small in size and light in weight. It has built-in electrodes and uses mid-frequency vibration to perform eye electric micro-massage. You can adjust the intensity by yourself and achieve the effect of relaxing the tight muscles of the eyes by massage.