In this high-tech era, everyone has cervical spondylosisas long as you have a mobile phone and a computer. This disease is as common as a cold.

So what to do, you must not give up treatment. An effective neck massager is very important.

Before finding a suitable neck massager, the author also went through hardships. First he bought a shawl, similar to the picture below. However, it was useless except to hurt the back.

Can only massage the back

Then I bought a vibrator, which was of no use except to shake the bones.

I also tried the kind of massage chair that my colleague bought, but the author is relatively short. Why can’t I get to the positions that the massage chair needs to massage, plus the things are too large, I can only give up.

Similar to this massage chair, high requirements on body similar to this massage chair, high requirements on body

What effect does the author pursue? It must be:

What to save your cervical spondylosis is a practical neck massager to personally test the effect of the massage, like a real person.

Until I finally bought a massage shawl with the effect of an artificial person, when I saw the three words of the artificial person, I really felt really excited, and immediately started one.


A few days later, the stuff was in hand. The stuff was big and the effect was still very good, but it was too big. It was not very convenient to take it anywhere. I could only sit on the sofa and massage it, so I used it for a while of idle time. I still have to find a portable cervical massager to save my cervical spondylosis

Later, I bought a lightweight massage device under the introduction of a friend. It is said that it can be used anytime, anywhere. It can be used while walking and driving. It definitely does not delay normal life. How can it not be exciting? Things will arrive soon.

The shape is very simple, just such a ring. The accessory is also very simple, a charging cable. It is very light and it feels much simpler than those before.

It’s even easier to use. Just charge the thing, put it on your neck, and press this button. It’s really available anytime, anywhere.

The charging port feels similar to many mobile phones.

It is simple and light, and the effect is great. If you have a problem with the cervical spine, you might want to buy such a massager. I really feel that I can massage anytime, anywhere.